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Non Verbal Intelligence

The gentleman in PMA Non Verbal Questions will cover the verbal intelligence portion in the initial Test of PMA long course. 

you can read carefully questions and manage the time during tests

The test is a timed one, candidates are required to complete 85-90 MCQs within 30 minutes. PMA Mock tests can be simple at times, but they are not for everyone. If you are able to practice to pass the test on nonverbal intelligence and you are able to pass easily,You will be able to pass the PMA nonverbal test .

joinpakarmy online Pak one Test:

A majority of students concentrate on their academics just for that. As a result, they fail to pass PMA first test. It is essential to prepare in a systematic manner to pass the PMA initial test.

Steps to go pakone online Army test:

Step 1 Verbal Intelligence Test > Step 2 Non Verbal Intelligence Test > Step 3 Academic Test

Students must pass all three phases to pass PMA’s PMA first test. If a candidate passes the test for verbal intelligence, non-verbal intelligence test, as well as academic test. The message displayed on the screen of the computer will show as congratulations.

The moment of seeing the word “Congratulation” displayed on your computer following an unambiguous PMA Test. It is an exciting moment for all candidates to take their first test

The nonverbal and verbal insight test is usually conducted to test the understanding of the opponent as to how the applicant is able to bear everyday realities and the response of the applicant on simple and more complex questions of society and certainty. To enhance their skills,Candidates take the Non-Verbal Intelligence Test Online Preparation. The Non-Verbal Intelligence Test Online Preparation consists of a series of tests which, in a written form be given by the therapist during the course of a meeting. It’s also referred to as Mental Test as it is designed to measure the mental capability of people. There are many kinds of tests that test the abilities of candidates. However, knowledge tests are generally directed by intelligence organizations or Multitudes of a nation. Insight is also crucial to our country’s understanding and is also a resource for the nation’s knowledge.

For all our readers who are planning for the written test for joining any of the forces of the armed forces in Pakistan comprising Army, Navy, PAF and ISSB Here are some online quizzes that are free.Test your training using these questions to identify areas that need improvement. You should 

at least attempt the test on the internet once, and then confirm your eligibility or score. The applicants must know their eligibility score from 100.


Gentleman, It’s an informal website that Provides information and preparation materials for all kinds of tests to join Pak army online. For your self-assessments visit regularly online tests

best of luck!

Welcome to your NON VERBAL Best of Luck!

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