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join Pak army signal corps as Captain ICTO Pak Army and you’ll have the best opportunities to join IT officer Pakistan army as caption. For joining You don’t need military experience. even be in Pakistan any force! All that is required to apply, are some basic qualifications like being a citizen who’s willing to serve his country. something no other career path can offer quite yet.

The Pakistan Army has announced an ICTO Pak army advertisement vacancy www jionpakarmy. To register as a captain in the Pakistan army join pak army signal corps, candidates should apply online Pak army.

You can enter this competition only by being male, but once you pass six months PMA training in Communication Technology (Com/Tech) skills they’ll make their rank increase as it officer caption so don’t miss out on your chance at becoming a part of one of history’s most elite forces join army pak!

If you want to join Pak army after intermediate FA/Fsc click here

The pak army jobs have announced that ICTO positions are available for prospective candidates who want to join as an officer in Pak army. Candidates should apply online now and be prepared with their application materials such as copies of transcriptions or testimonials from previous employers documenting relevant experience; these will help you get accepted faster!

 You can also take advantage by applying via direct short service commission into communication technology units like Signals Corps -in the Corps of Signals as information and Communication Technology Officer (ICTO) only male candidates are eligible for this course it’s a Direct Short Service Commission. The selected candidates having six months training in pma Kakul after training will be passed out as a IT officer caption rank

If you have a dream to join Pak army as captain you should have a passionate think and struggle. It’s the perfect opportunity for devoted individuals who have specialized skills and desire to serve the homeland by using those skills.

Additionally, Recommended applicants as ICTO Pak Army in the Corps of Signals will likewise get a month-to-month allowance of RS 35,000 caption pay in Pak army when having a training tenure of six months in PMA Kakul and on the passing day the awarded the rank as Captain in Pakistan Army.

This is an excellent opportunity for candidates and for those who have insight into this field and are qualified for online applications.

join army pak as captain is a great opportunity for the candidates to serve their motherland with dignity and pride.

 Indeed pak army jobs are not all about money but also great opportunities like being part of such elite organization which protects our rights & freedoms every day against enemies both near

The ICTO in pak army is looking for patriotic individuals with technical skills who want to serve their motherland by joining the Pak Army.

This job opportunity provides great benefits such as financial stability/stipend while also enabling you to have access to high-level government positions after your six-month term ends– all without having any past military experience or college degree requirements


Jobs in the Pakistan Army are available to all Pakistani Nationals, including fresher or experienced. If you have dual nationality and want join pak army signal corps then be sure to drop your other citizenship so that it can serve with one nation only joinpkarmy!

Join the Army and become a part of Pakistan’s proud military history! Become an official member with all different race/gender demographics. Get your chance now, before it slips away from us forever…

The army is looking for cyber security experts to join them as ICTO. The following positions are available:

Be it software engineering, computer, or system engineering’s there’s a position waiting just around the corner with Pak Army!

Education Criteria for ICTO’s Pak Army

The Pakistani military is looking for new recruits to join their ranks join pak army signal corps. The following education for ICTO is required:

Computer Science

Computer Engineering

Computer Science

System Engineering

Information Technology

Information Security

Cyber Security

GIS & Remote Sensing

Geo Informatics / Geomatics

Applicants can also try their luck at the following career opportunities  as ICTO pak army background checks are being conducted on them before they get promoted into active duty service!

To qualify for ICTO’s Pak Army Eligibility Criteria, you need to be at least 18 years old and have an MS or MSC degree in your field with a minimum CGPA 2.5

Experience with at least one ERP/Software Development Project is required as well as expertise with geographic information systems (GIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), software developers and security tasks, including NW systems management as well!

join ICTO pak army signal corps  Eligibility Criteria :

Eligibility criteria for ICTO pak army information communication technology officer join pak army as caption given below as

Education 16 years education in an above-mentioned discipline
Gender Male
Age 28 years
Minimum height 5 FT 4 Inch ( 162.5cm)
weight As per body mass index
Marriage status Married/Unmarried

The following criteria must be met for you to apply if you want to serve in Pak army as captain:

 18 years of education required in the field of information and communication Technology, MS/ MSC degree with minimum CGPA 2.5 for Join Pak as captain.

Academic Eligibility requirements for ICTO Pak Army:

Following education for join pak army signal crops as ICTO officer in Pak Army are required:

  • HEC/PEC recognizes only students who have completed 16 years of education.
  •  Minimum CGPA required: 2.5 / 4 or 60% marks across all qualifications and degree programs, regardless if it’s a SECOND divisional award in any subject – including engineering!
  • AND qualified for an MS OR MSC qualification depending upon your country’s standards
  • A candidate who has taken 16 years to complete their education from recognized institutions, must have a minimum GPA of 2.5/4 or 60% marks across all subjects equal at least second division throughout academic history with no gaps in any specialization which is mandatory for this position as well unless they’re MS or MSC qualified and also experienced having worked within engineering fields for two-three years before applying so we can offer preference there too.

To join the Pakistan Army, talented and dedicated individuals are always needed. To be considered, you must go through an extensive online registration process ICTO pak army that requires some work from your end as well!

Online Registration Process for ICTO Pak ARMY

The ICTO online registration and preliminary selection procedure is an easy one. You can either apply through the internet, or you may register in person with all required documents on location at the venue of this test ASRCs

To solve the internet problem, candidates can go to Army recruitment centers nearby their area. On the day of the exam, they will need the document mentioned in the job advertisement, as well as the prospectus fee. The Army is always in need of new recruits, but what if you don’t live near one? Don’t worry! The solution is right here. Just visit any nearby Recruitment & Selection Center with your required documents and fee on the day of testing –

Final selection process in icto pak army

The final selection process is an intensive series of tests to determine the most qualified applicants. Candidates who pass all intelligence, medical, and physical examinations will be notified via email or call-up letters for Inter Service Selection Board interviews at General Headquarters Rawalpindi (GHQ). After each interview conducted by military officers on-site with these nominated individuals, they may choose which Combined Military Hospitals provide them access in order to get their next steps are taken care of while undergoing additional examinations depending upon where they feel most comfortable based on major

The Inter-Services Selection Board ISSB is a chance for qualified candidates to show off their skills and get noticed by the military. Candidates will be notified online or by letter if they passed all three stages–intelligence, medical/physical tests. After an interview at General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi, successful applicants may go through different Combined Military Hospitals for Final Medical that are available based on your preference as well as have thorough examinations done during this stage too! If you’re looking forward to being selected into one of Pakistan’s armed services then check out our complete guide below:

Steps from Registration to Joining latter as icto pak army:

Verification of educational documents and degrees

The candidates who qualify for preliminary selection at Army Selection & Recruitment Centres will have to submit a copy of their degree/ transcript so that it can be verified by HEC/PEC along with their application form. Candidates appearing on hope certificates must submit verified transcripts/degrees within seven days of their results announcement

Initial Test at ASRC

Initial tests icto Pak Army at ARSC have been subparts.

Candidates should pass both the Intelligence Test and Academic Test to qualify for further testing 

Intelligence Test

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from the Intelligence portion make up the entire intelligence test

Click here for an Online test

Academic Test

The Academic Test also consists of multiple-choice questions from the syllabus of academics.

 Therefore, the test will be taken at the Army Recruitment & Selection Center (AS&RC) on any data provided as part of the registration process on the slip.

 Medical Test 

Initial medical screening exam for all applicants which includes height/weight measurements and blood samples collection in order to determine eligibility standards before moving onto physical tests-

Click here to check your medical standards

Physical Test

After your medical examination, your physical test will be held. in which you should qualify your physical test for complete details how to clear the physical test in Pak Army click here Physical Standards


After clearing the all tests like the Initial test, Medical test, physical test then they should fill Biodata form for Initial Interview icto pak army which is held at the respective ASRC center. The candidates who successfully qualify for an interview will be awarded ISSB form for ISSB tests

join in Pak Army  Signal crops as ICTO Captain through short service commission

Procedures for further selection as ICTO Pak Army

Selected candidates will be contacted via the website and receive call-up letters for ISSB tests and interviews. Interviews will be conducted by the General Headquarters Selection Board in Rawalpindi with those candidates recommended by the ISSB.

There is no claim for Traveling Allowance/Daily Allowance. Selected candidates will undergo medical exams at various CHM locations as requested by them. General Headquarters (GHQ) will make the final selections based on overall performance.


Six months at Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul for Basic Military Training


All selected candidates must sign a bond to serve at least 7 years in the Army on stamp papers worth Rs. 100/- countersigned by a Magistrate, Notary Public, or Oath Commissioner.

Pak army online registration:

For online registration to join Pak army visit the official website of the Pakistan army www joinpakarmy gov pk. Visit the Pakistan Army’s official website at to apply to become part of the Pakistan Military. Good luck!

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