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12-06-2021 AS&RCs Rawalpindi Questions


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Verbal and Non-Verbal Questions are the same as
Academic was lightly difficult
*National flower of Pakistan
*Ras Koh in which Mountain range (Sulaiman Mountain Range)
*Largest lake of the desert (Lake Turkana)
*Name of the parliament of Finland (eduskunta)
*Name of the parliament of Japan (Diet)
*Find the perimeter of a square having a side 4 cm (4*4cm =16 cm)
*K2 also known as (Mount Godwin Austen)
*A median divides a triangle into a ratio of (2:1)
*What is Badar (Full Moon and village)
*Corona started from which province of china (Wuhan)
*Length of Amazon river (6,436Β km)
*Jihad is a word of which language (Arabic)
*Mian mir is buried in (Dharampura Lahore)
*If the fourth day of the month is Monday what is the 12th day (Tuesday)

90% Of 90…81
Pakistan When Join Uno…1947
Three Star First Woman Of Pak Army…Lt Gn Nigar
Elisa Is Test To Diagnosis…. Tuberculosis
Hilf al-Fudul is (alliance or confederacy created by the Meccans)
Age Of Holy Prophet At Hajar Aswad Incident….35years
2+2/2…. 3
some 4,5 are prepositions
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