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AS&RC LAHORE Questions

Mirani Dam is in?
A. Balochistan

  1. Warsak dam is on which river?
    A. Kabul
  2. The largest and oldest barrage of pakistan?
    A. Sukker barrage
  3. The oldest dam in pakistan is?
    A. Warsak dam
  4. Khanpur dam is on which river?
    A. Haro
  5. Tanda dam is in?
    A. KPK
  6. Bhasha and Kalabagh dam will build on?
    A. Indus river
  7. Ghazi brotha dam is on?
    A. Indus River
  8. Bhakra dam is on which river?
    A. Sutlaj
  9. Tarbela dam is on?
    A. Indus in haripur Kpk
  10. Largest desert of pakistan?
    A. Thar desert in sindh ( 17 largest desert of the world)
  11. How many peaks are above 8000 height in Pakistan?
    A. 5
  12. The highest peaks of pakistan are located in?
    A. Karakoram located in pakistan and china
  13. The highest peak of the hindu kash range is?
    A. Tirch mir (33 highest peak of the world)
  14. Rakaposhi is in?
    A. Karakoram range (27 highest peak of the
  15. The highest peak of the kirthar range is?
    A. Zardak
  16. Nanga parbat is in?
    A. Himaliyas (9th highest peak of the world)
    B. Lakes
  17. Numal Lake is in?
    A. Mianwali
  18. Fort Minru Lake is in?
    A. Dera Ghazi Khan
  19. Saiful malook lake is in?
    A. Naran
  20. Hena lake is in
    A. Balochistan
  21. Wular lake is on which river?
    A. Jehlum
  22. Simly lake is in?
    A. Islamabad
  23. Saltwater lake is in?
    A. Balochistan

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