Technical Cadet course

For candidates who wish to join the Pakistani Army as engineers, they are encouraged to apply for the Pak Army Technical Cadet Course TCC . Candidates who passed FSC (Pre-engineering)/ ICS

are eligible for selection.

If you have completed your FSC Pre-Engineering or Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS) or your 2nd year of FSC Pre-Engineering or ICS and want to join Pak Army as a captain, then your wait is over. The candidate needs to have at least 12 years of academic study in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics to be eligible to apply to PAK Army TCC.

If so, you should join the Pak Army Technical Cadet Course offered by the Pakistan Army. The selected candidates of the Technical Cadet Course receive free education from NUST. There is no tuition fee, and they are also granted 40,000 monthly stipends as TCC salary. Every year the TCC Army course is announced only in February. The course is advertised on the Pakistan Army’s official website.

By joining the Pak Army Technical Cadet Course, you become a regular officer. This blog will offer complete information about the Join Pak Army TCC.

What is the Technical Cadet Course (TCC)?

The Technical Cadet Course (TCC) is part of Pakistani military training, which aims to ensure combat readiness by developing leadership, technical, and critical thinking skills in cadets. Candidates are selected through competitive exams conducted TCC by Pakistan Army every year. Candidates must complete eight semesters at their chosen discipline before they are granted an officer’s commission.

Main benefits of TCC Technical cadet course Best training under military life, as well as technical education.


Requirements for Technical Cadet Courses

Read the eligibility criteria with is given below and if you fulfill the eligibility criteria

for TCC then apply for TCC online registration. Also start preparing for the initial and ISSB tests from joinpakarmyonline. If you have any questions about joining Pakistan Army TCC, you can contact us on our contact us page or you can ask in the comment section at the bottom of this page.


Eligibility Criteria for TCC join pak army:

Education FSc (Pre Engineering), ICS minimum 65% marks
Gender Male
Age 17 – 21 years (3 moth age relaxation)
Height 5 ft 4 inch (162.5 cm) minimum
Marriage Status Unmarried
Nationality Pakistan
weight As per Body mass index



Pakistani citizens and Azad Kashmir/Gilgit-Baltistan residents are eligible to apply. Upon selection, dual citizens will have to surrender their foreign nationalities as well as Pakistani citizenship.

Required Education for TCC:

  • The following subjects are required for FSc (Pre engineering): Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry/ Computer Studies/ Computer Sciences with a minimum of 65% marks


  • The student passed five subjects in the β€˜O’ level (English being mandatory) and in the β€˜A’ level student passed must three subjects(Physics, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Computer Sciences) with grade A-C.


  • Those candidates who passed their qualifications such as O’ level and A’ level etc are required to get an Certificate of Equivalence from the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), Ministry of Education, Islamabad. Applicants must attach the certificate with the application form along with their A-level results in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science/Computer Science, ideally in grades A-C.


  • If you have cleared FSc Part-I Examination with 65% marks and have appeared/are appearing in FSc Part-II/ Final Examination, you may also apply on the basis of “HOPE Certificates” issued by the institution’s/ collage Β Head or principle. The candidates must however submit a photocopy of FSc Part-II roll no slip along with their FSc Part-II roll no and the name of the Education Board to General Headquarters (GHQ), Personnel Administration (PA) Directorate (PA-3b), Rawalpindi. It is essential for FSc final result cards/ mark sheets to be submitted within one week after FSc Board results have been announced, otherwise, candidates will not be considered in the final merit list.


  • Candidates who have passed intermediate in ICS / Computer Science are only eligible to apply for Computer Software Engineering

Not Eligibility Criteria for TCC candidates:

  • Diploma holders are not eligible.
  • Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB), General Headquarters (GHQ), Naval Headquarters (NHQ) and Air Headquarters (AHQ) twice rejected candidates
  • In addition, The Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB) rejected them once, and the General Headquarters (GHQ)/ Naval Headquarters (NHQ)/ Air Headquarters (AHQ) Selection Board rejected them once.
  • Withdrawn on any grounds from any Academy/Training Institution of the Armed Forces.
  • Been expelled from a bonded Armed Forces college/institution due to disciplinary reasons.
  • Expelled/dismissed/banned from government services, including the armed forces.
  • An offence that involves moral turpitude was found in a court of law.
  • An Appeal Medical Board (AMB) declared the candidate permanently UNFIT.
  • Candidates who have been declared medically unfit due to Hepatitis B and C are not eligible to apply to the AMB.
  • Any Armed Forces Hospital except those cleared by an appeals medical board has declared the candidate medically unfit.
  • Students enrolled in any Armed Forces Institution/Academy or those nominated for reserve defence quota seats/studying as paying cadets in any Armed Forces Technical College


Candidates can apply for a job on the Internet or by going to Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs).Β The method to be followed is as follows:

Technical Cadet Course Registration through Internet.

Candidates can register on the websiteΒΒ The date and time of the test will be posted on the web, and individuals should have anΒ email address.The candidate should report at their respective The date once announced cannot be altered. Candidates are also required to bring documents (as per the list of documents mentioned in the advertisement) and pay the fees for the prospectus on the day of the test. Candidates must be proficient in computers since the registration and test will be conducted using computers.


Register at the Army Selection and Recruitment centers:

Candidates may visit the nearest AS&RCs to be registered or to get a roll number along with the required documents(as per the list of documents mentioned in the advertisement) and the prospectus fees for the registration process.Β Candidates must have these documents with them on the day of the test and.

Initial selection process for TCC

Required Documents at ARCS:


At the time of registration, the following documents/certificates are required:-

  • Original Certificate/Detailed Marksheet of Matric/ FSc/ Equivalent certificate. In case of ‘O’ Level/ ‘A’ Level, you must submit the Equivalence Certificate issued by IBCC.
  • National Identity Card (CNIC) for candidates 18 and older, or Computerized Form “B” along with the CNIC of a parent or guardian if the candidate is under 18.
  • A set of attested copies of the above mentioned documents on both sides.
  • Attested 3 x color photographs (1 x front and 2 x back) by Principal/Class-1 Gazetted Officer.
  • For repeater candidates only, an original, as well as 3 copies, of the “NOT RECOMMENDED” letter from the Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB), is also required.


Intelligence/ Academic Tests.

First, the student must pass the intelligence test.Β The academic test will be taken after the candidate has passed the intelligence test.Β Multiple-Choice Questions will (MCQs), from Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and English.

Candidates who have completed ICS will receive MCQs in Computer Studies in the Replacement of Chemistry.Β Candidates who pass the test will need to go to the nearest AS&RCs for physical testing.

candidates will be required to take physical tests at AS&RCs.

Physical Tests at ASRCs:

Those candidates who passed successfully their TCC initial academic test will appear in physical test at asrc’s. Their the passed physical test. Physical test is easy but necessary many students have no proper preparation so they getting fail otherwise its easy. For checking Physical Standers click here

Medical tests at ASRCs:

A candidate who passes the physical exam will be eligible to take the initial medical test at Army Selection and Recruitment Centre AS&RC where he passed his initial academic test.Β To join the Pak Army, Applicant must pass the initial Medical Exam through a Technical Cadet Program.

For more details you can visit medical standards.

Technical cadet course TCC Initial Interview :

If candidate passed their all tests successfully then he appeared in Technical cadet course initial interview. Its basically candidate initial assessment for issb. If the candidate have proper basic knowledge and confidence then its easy to clear.

For more details how to clear interview in Pak army click here.


Further Selection Procedure:

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified of ISSB tests through their websites and call up letters. Candidates recommended for medical exam by the ISSB will be evaluated at nearby CMHs.

General Headquarters (GH) will make the final selection based on candidates’ overall performance. Disciplines will be assigned on a merit- cumulation basis. General Headquarters (GHQ) will make the final decision in allotting disciplines. No representation or request for change in discipline allocation will be accepted.

Technical Cadet course Training Institutes TCC:

Selected candidates got admission in technical cadet course training institutes / University/ collage of pak army as given below as


Academic Disciplines:

Tecnical Cadet Course TCC Institutions

Priority of Disciplines


Priority of disciplines written / given in application forms will not be changed. Therefore, it is very important to give careful consideration before endorsing priority of disciplines.

Degree program Under Technical Cadet course :

Civil Engineering

The civil engineering in TCC duration will be 4 years and getting enrolled at the Military College of Engineering Risalpur (NUST).

Electrical Engineering (Telecom)

The course duration of Electrical Engineering will be 4 years. The applicant will be enrolled in the Military College of Signals, Rawalpindi.

Computer Software EngineeringΒ Β 

Computer software engineering is four years program. candidates are enrolled at the Military College of Signals Rawalpindi.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is 4 years of the study program. The candidate gets an education from the College of Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Rawalpindi (NUST).

Mechanical Engineering

This is four years duration study program and enrolled at the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Rawalpindi (NUST).

Computer Systems Engineering

Computer Systems Engineering is 4 years of the education plan. The understudy will get guidance in the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Rawalpindi (NUST).

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering is likewise 4 years of the program. The understudy will actually want to get education and knowledge at the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Rawalpindi (NUST).

Aeronautical Engineering

The Aeronautical Engineering course is 4 years study plan. Their Understudies will accept their schooling in Risalpur, the College of Aeronautical Engineering, Risalpur.

Time for Military Training

Candidates get 1-year military training at PMA Kakul after completing the course under Technical Cadet Course for their bachelor’s engineering degree program.

Technical cadet course engineers will get training at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul. Through this course, cadets get training to handle hardships and to attain abilities that are required in a professional engineer the Technical Cadet Course.

Military Training:

After graduating from the Bachelor of Engineering degree program, cadets will receive one year of military training at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul.


On a stamp paper worth Rs.100/- duly countersigned by a Magistrate, Notary Public or Oath Commissioner, all cadets must sign a surety bond to serve the Army for 13 years.

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